A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: adeluuold

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun praefatio 31 ndam renouauit ouans antistes Adeluuold, / Sollicitudo cui nocte dieque
WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun praefatio 79 astor ouans ac saepe notandus Adeluuold, / Sicut ei domini gratia contul
WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun 1 790 s apostolicae culmen sortitus Adeluuold, / Lumen apostolicae quia sparsi
WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun 1 852 ae sanctae; domini uenerandus Adeluuold / Processit solito missam celeb
WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun 1 959 est terrae fossor, uenerandus Adeluuold; / Tum fodiunt alii, quos iusser
WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun 1 980 is iam finis erat; tum presul Adeluuold, / Corpore translato, quod porta
WULFSTANC.NmetSwithun 2 17 antistes pater et uenerandus Adeluuold / Corpore de sancti partem conc