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Poem of the Day: Riddles 36

  1. ic wiht geseah || on wege feran
  2. seo wæs wrætlice || wundrum gegierwed
  3. hæfde feowere || fet under wombe
  4. ond ehtuwe
  5. monn [h w M] wiif [m x l kf wf] hors [qxxs]
  6. || ufon on hrycge
  7. hæfde tu fiðru || ond twelf eagan
  8. ond siex heafdu || saga hwæt hio wære
  9. for flodwegas || ne wæs ðæt na fugul ana
  10. ac ðær wæs æghwylces || anra gelicnes
  11. ...

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Word Form of the Day: cicatricum

cicatrix noun fem gen pl ix_iLcis

cicatrix noun fem gen pl ix_iLcis

Number of occurrences in corpus: 2

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Metre of the Day

Maxims I 1a

Scansion: xxxSx|Sx
Type: hyp.
Scansion: xxx / x | / x
Type: hA1

Syntax: AN
Heavy Verse: Hypermetric

Places with this scansion (bliss)

Other places with this scansion (sievers)

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