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Poem of the Day: The Panther

  1. monge sindon || geond middangeard
  2. unrimu cynn || ðe we æðelu ne magon
  3. ryhte areccan || ne rim witan
  4. ðæs wide sind || geond world innan
  5. fugla ond deora || foldhrerendra
  6. wornas widsceope || swa wæter bibugeð
  7. ðisne beorhtan bosm || brim grymetende
  8. sealtyða geswing || we bi sumum hyrdon
  9. wrætlice gecynd || wildra secgan
  10. firum freamærne || feorlondum on
  11. ...

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Word Form of the Day: praestauit

Number of occurrences in corpus: 1

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Metre of the Day

The Descent into Hell 1a

Scansion: xxxxxSx
Type: a1e
Scansion: xxxxx / x
Type: A3

Syntax: iP
Light Verse

Places with this scansion (bliss)

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