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Poem of the Day: The Paris Psalter: Psalm 110

  1. ic andytte þe || ece drihten
  2. mid hyge ealle || heortan minre
  3. for gesamnuncge || þæra soþfæstra
  4. and on gemetingum || mycel drihtnes weorc

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Word Form of the Day: audacior

audax noun masc/fem nom/voc comp sg ax_adj

audax noun masc/fem nom/voc comp sg ax_adj

Number of occurrences in corpus: 2

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Metre of the Day

Riddles 18 1a

Scansion: xxSxx|S
Type: 3B1b
Scansion: xx / | xx /
Type: B2

Syntax: AN
Notes: Non-parasiting
Double Alliteration

Places with this scansion (bliss)

Other places with this scansion (sievers)

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