A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: freolic

Number of occurrences in corpus: 12

Genesis A 1108a eadig || and his yldrum þah / freolic to frofre || fæder and meder
Genesis A 1189a / se eafora wæs || enoc haten / freolic frumbearn || fæder her þa g
Genesis A 1722a þær he wic ahte / fæger and freolic || seo fæmne wæs / sarra hate
Genesis A 2219a h gebedscipe || bearn gemæne / freolic to frofre || ongann þa ferh
The Riming Poem 38b e / from ic wæs in frætwum || freolic in geatwum / wæs min dream dry
Riddles 14 13a wage || ðær weras drincað / freolic fyrdsceorp || hwilum folcwiga
Riddles 84 29a eadgum leof || earmum getæse / freolic sellic || fromast ond swiðos
Riddles 92 2a brunra beot || beam on holte / freolic feorhbora || ond foldan wæst
The Gifts of Men 34b trengo / furðor onfehð || sum freolic bið / wlitig on wæstmum || su
Beowulf 615a en || guman on healle / ond ða freolic wif || ful gesealde / ærest ea
The Death of Edward 6b g ræda / feower ond twentig || freolic wealdend / wintra gerimes || we
The Battle of Finnsburh 19a | guþere styrde / þæt he swa freolic feorh || forman siþe / to þæ