A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: bethlem

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

Genesis A 1799b geforan / þær is botlwela || bethlem haten / beorn bliþemod || and
Genesis A 1876b ryd and begas || þæt hie to bethlem / on cuþe wic || ceapas læddo
Genesis A 1930a e || ealle lædde / beagas from bethlem || and botlgestreon / welan wun
The Descent into Hell 80a ðone cnyht to us / brohtest in bethlem || bidan we ðæs longe / setan
The Descent into Hell 86a ðæt cild to us / brohtest in bethlem || we ðæs beofiende / under h
Metrical Charm 1: For Unfruitful Land 1a # For Unfruitful Land / / bethlem hattæ seo burh || ðe crist
Metrical Charm 10: For Loss of Cattle 3a r he ænyg oþer word cweðe: / Bethlem hattæ seo burh || ðe Crist