A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: drync

Number of occurrences in corpus: 9

Andreas 22b on þam wonge || ne wæteres drync / to bruconne || ah hie blod on
Andreas 34b mne / dryas þurh dwolcræft || drync unheorne / se onwende gewit ||
Andreas 53a ices weard / þeah þe he atres drync || atulne onfenge / eadig ond o
Andreas 313a / hlafes wiste || ne hlutterne / drync to dugoþe || is se drohtaþ
Andreas 1535b cum genog / fram dæges orde || drync sona gearu / weox wæteres þry
Christ C 1438a on || bittre tosomne / unswetne drync || ecedes ond geallan / ðonne
Guthlac B 868b bibugan mæge || ðone bitran drync / ðone eue fyrn || adame geaf /
Guthlac B 990b ond bibugan || ðone bleatan drync / deopan deaðweges || ac him d
The Metrical Epilogue to the Pastoral Care 30a irost wætra / oððe him lifes drync || forloren weorðe