A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: wunedon

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

Genesis A 1890a leohtfruman || lisse and ara / wunedon on þam wicum || hæfdon wiln
Andreas 131b æste / hleoleasan wic || hwile wunedon / hwylcne hie to æte || ærest
Andreas 868b lissum lufodon || ond in lofe wunedon / þær wæs singal sang || ond
Andreas 1158b n / hungre gehæfte || hornsalu wunedon / weste winræced || welan ne b
Dream of the Rood 3b syþþan reordberend || reste wunedon / þuhte me þæt ic gesawe ||
Dream of the Rood 155a m || þam þe on heofonum ær / wunedon on wuldre || þa heora wealde
The Metres of Boethius: Metre 20 243b r of hire / weox on weorulde || wunedon ætsomne / efen swa lange || sw