A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: customary

Number of occurrences in corpus: 16

AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 18 16 armony. / Keeping vigil in his customary manner during the time when P
AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 18 22 again he observed it with the customary hymns. / And when, in the midd
AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 20 16 commends itself to God at the customary hours. / When dark night comes
AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 21 5 ight, / the brothers, in their customary manner, were keen / to enter a
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 1105 that wretch might receive his customary rations, / and after the space
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 1605 was alone persisting with his customary prayers, / in the chapel of th
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 1581 ght the lowly dishes of their customary table, / they were fed equally
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 2087 as a noble Christian, / if the customary mercy of Christ would take aw
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 181 he young man sets off for the customary hymn-singing; / someone, follo
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 590 ortified / by the holy man’s customary speech. / While the two of the
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 35 orld, / Wilfrid experienced the customary natural origin. / As his oppres
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 80 burned for a long time with a customary desire, / conceived an interna
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 116 the community. / If perhaps a customary marriage is pleasing to you,
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 466 rch blessed the shrine in the customary manner / and adorned the altar
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 693 hem, / I am glad to rave in the customary manner of the tragic actor. / S
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 845 from the heavens for you; / the customary torch came quickly with an en