A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: drenched

Number of occurrences in corpus: 10

AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 11 37 er blessed face, the children drenched / their cheeks with tears; the
AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 11 52 began to bite the dust, / and drenched his whole face with tears. / B
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 1987 s, / declined to be cooled when drenched in worldly water, / even though
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 2045 d with dewy drops / and the air drenched the earth with dark showers; /
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 2606 teeth / and mangled her limbs, drenched through with purple gore. / S
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 18 her. / The infant screamed and drenched it face with bitter grief. /
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 892 t, after sorrowful silences, / drenched in tears and groaning, he bur
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 976 rsed. The noble king also was drenched / with life-giving water. He a
N.MiraculaNyniae 124 anted kisses on his feet / and drenched the whole ground with tears;
N.MiraculaNyniae 405 manner he leant on his knees, drenched in a stream of tears, / but ev