A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: wings

Number of occurrences in corpus: 10

A.3.4 346 eerless on flies off swift in wings, / so that the band of rejoicin
AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 8 34 holy man’s skull with their wings. / In this way they did not cea
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 222 a diving-bird with its black wings entirely despised, / one fillin
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 629 aced the earth with its dusky wings. / Then when sleep overtook the
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 115 set out to sea / and with the wings of the sails spread out, / the
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 166 heavenly hall, / and on nimble wings he has taken himself back to
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 399 / and sorrowfully spreads its wings, and begs forgiveness and a w
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 158 face hid him under the sacred wings of the venerable Pope, / expla
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 700 he said, “by the popular wings, / I suffered grievous hardship
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 1051 w he placed himself under the wings of the father, / now he believ