A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: asette

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

Genesis B 444a ne hyge / hæleþhelm on heafod asette || and þone full hearde geba
Daniel 492b þæt hine mid nyde || nyþor asette / metod ælmihtig || swa he man
Christ and Satan 479b | / ic on neorxnawonge || niwe asette / treow mid telgum || þæt þa
Christ and Satan 3a es gast || and on beorh astah / asette on dune || drihten hælend / lo
Andreas 36a fen || ah in helle ceafl / siþ asette || ond syþþan no / fah freond
Dream of the Rood 142a is singal blis / ond me þonne asette || þær ic syþþan mot / wuni
The Paris Psalter 88:25 1b ic þonne frumbearn || forþ asette / ofer eorþcyningas || ealra h