A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: dimme

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

Christ and Satan 104a bunden || feond seondon reþe / dimme and deorce || ne her dæg lyh
Andreas 1308b deor ond domgeorn || in þæt dimme ræced / sceal þonne in neadco
The Wife's Lament 30a l ic eom oflongad / sindon dena dimme || duna uphea / bitre burgtunas
The Paris Psalter 108:8 1b wesan him dagas deorce || and dimme and feawe / and his bisceophad
The Metres of Boethius: Metre 12 16b hte / dæg on þonce || gif sio dimme niht / ær ofer eldum || egesan
The Metres of Boethius: Metre 2 11a a || welhwæs blindne / on þis dimme hol || dysine forlæddon / and
Grave 11b lt on molde wunien ful calde, Dimme and deorcæ. / þet den fulæt