A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: gaþ

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

Christ and Satan 616b fer ealle / ge sind wilcuman || gaþ in wuldres leoht / to heofona r
Andreas 1182b d sceoran / fæges feorhhord || gaþ fromlice / þæt ge wiþerfeoht
Andreas 1332b in gedufan / in fæges ferþ || gaþ fromlice / þæt ge guþfrecan
Andreas 1665a of firenum || is him fus hyge / gaþ geomriende || geohþo mænaþ
The Paris Psalter 122:3 1a and cwemeþ / / # / and swa eagan gaþ || earmre þeowenan / þonne he
The Paris Psalter 99:3 3a on his edisce || ealle afedde / gaþ nu on his doru || god andetta
The Battle of Maldon 91b ehlyston / nu eow is gerymed || gaþ ricene to us / guman to guþe |