A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: rincum

Number of occurrences in corpus: 8

Genesis A 1910a cananea || and feretia / rofum rincum || ne willaþ rumor unc / landr
Genesis A 2434b / riht and gerisno || and þam rincum bead / nihtfeormunge || him þa
The Fates of the Apostles 11a || deman sceoldon / reccan fore rincum || sume on romebyrig / frame fy
Christ C 1114a ore eagna gesyhð / rinnan fore rincum || ða he on rode wæs / eall
Riddles 42 6b lette mæg / ðurh runstafas || rincum secgan / ðam ðe bec witan ||
The Seasons for Fasting 6a lfes word || sette for leodum / rincum to ræde || and him runa gesc
The Battle of Maldon 17b nas trymian / rad and rædde || rincum tæhte / hu hi sceoldon standan
The Battle of Maldon 18b trymian, / rād and rǣdde, || rincum tǣhte / hū hīe sċoldon stan