A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: learn

Number of occurrences in corpus: 16

ALCVIN.VmetWillibrord 11 3 me subject to him / in order to learn the doctrines of faith from a
ALCVIN.VmetWillibrord 33 10 um, / reader, so that you might learn what he was like too, / and fro
ALDHELM.CarmRhyth.Octo 43 rest of its throng, / which we learn in ancient days was called Ma
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 1127 that the promising boy might learn the accomplishments of books,
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 1260 first years, / so that he might learn the dialectal doctrines of th
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 2765 leted / by others who prefer to learn about fresh theme / and who do
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 2851 his own weapons, / and does not learn how to put forward a helmet o
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 97 to the threshold of light. / Learn, shepherds, from the vigilant
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 258 eplied: ‘If only you would learn to trust the Lord! / He will
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 511 as a diligent exile he might learn the Lord’s mysteries. / His
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 658 them with gentle guidance: / ‘Learn, my sons, to break the bonds o
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 661 hread, / by which pious hearts learn through just deserts / in no w
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 663 rough which no-one can either learn about the recesses of a shelt
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 217 he had been found / worthy to learn, when he had entered the schoo
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 279 an issue where it matters to learn through one’s eyes.” / Thus
N.MiraculaNyniae 382 / so that he might diligently learn the mysteries of the Lord as