A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: sceacan

Number of occurrences in corpus: 7

Genesis A 135b seo tid gewat || ofer timber sceacan / middangeardes || metod æfter
Andreas 1594b n mid þy wæge || in forwyrd sceacan / under eorþan grund || þa we
Riddles 2 14b ð eft / radwerigne || on gerum sceacan / orlegfromne || oft ic oðrum
Riddles 20 14b ð eft / radwerigne || on gerum sceacan, / orlegfromne. || Oft ic oþrum
Juliana 630b ncynnes || ongon ða on fleam sceacan / wita neosan || ond ðæt word
Judith 291a tan him werigferhðe / on fleam sceacan || him mon feaht on last / mæg
The Seasons for Fasting 38b me gewesed || ac scal on wyrd sceacan / nu we herian sceolan || her f