A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: dying

Number of occurrences in corpus: 13

AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 8 52 en placed in contact with the dying man’s head, prevented his d
AEDILVVLF.DeAbbatibus 19 10 r gifts to Christ. / But when, dying in the Lord, he was compelled
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 263 for his treachery / and fell, dying in the massacre of his own me
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 576 to Ecgfrith his son, / and, by dying, leaving the royal sceptre to
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 592 / And a disastrous pile of the dying followed the famine, / and man
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 1641 his final hour. / While he was dying and began to convey his soul
ALCVIN.VPatRegSanctEubor 1645 his mouth on the mouth of the dying man, / and rather pleasantly e
ALCVIN.VmetWillibrord 30 4 ove her wasting limbs at all: / dying, she barely drew her last gasp
ALDHELM.CarmVirg 261 liquid would be denied to the dying plants / and the thirsty meadow
BEDE.VmetCuthbert.Vulg 1 895 il the time when I render / my dying limbs to the earth and set ou
FRITHEGOD.BrevVWilfred 200 obtained the eternal crown by dying, / and the son lived by endurin
N.MiraculaNyniae 226 t assault, / until one of them dying lost the breath of life. / Tha
N.MiraculaNyniae 269 he vvital breath had left his dying limbs, / he was immediately sur