A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: engle

Number of occurrences in corpus: 8

Genesis A 2911b ebad / ares spræce || and þam engle oncwæþ / him þa ofstum to ||
Widsith 44a ore || heoldon forð siððan / engle ond swæfe || swa hit offa ge
Guthlac B 880a | ðurh godes willan / eadig on engle || he him ece geceas / meaht on
Guthlac B 1360a sæm tweonum / ðara ðe we on engle || æfre gefrunen / acennedne |
The Battle of Brunanburh 70a itan || siþþan eastan hider / engle and seaxe || up becoman / ofer
Durham 12a || cyninges heafud / osuualdes engle leo || and aidan biscop / eadbe
The Menologium 185b hine wide cigaþ / igbuende || engle and seaxe / weras mid wifum ||
The Seasons for Fasting 131b t symbel wearð || seald fram engle / we sint on westene || wuldres