A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Word Explorer: middaneard

Number of occurrences in corpus: 8

Christ and Satan 164b lm / eala meotodes miht || eala middaneard / eala dæg leohta || eala drea
Christ and Satan 271b yrian / monna mægþum || geond middaneard / ic her geþolian sceal || þi
The Paris Psalter 137:6 2b rþan / micel and mære || ofer middaneard / eart þu healice || ahafen dr
The Paris Psalter 144:12 3b nd þæt þin miht is || ofer middaneard / and þines rices || rædfæst
The Lord's Prayer II 120a hand || eaðe befealdan / ealne middaneard || swilc is mære cyningc / sy
The Gloria I 38a efne || and cristene bec / eall middaneard || and we men cweðað / on gru
The Lord's Prayer III 17a sendest || sawlum to hæle / on middaneard || manna cynnes / ðæt is se c
A Prayer 32b en ofer moldan || geond ealne middaneard / ne mage we næfre asæcgan ||